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Welcome the first post, of which there will be many more.  I follow my nose a lot, when tracking down a story, an interview, or when jotting down thoughts, whether it's a song I'm writing, or blog piece.  I hope you'll get something out this thread, as I suspect you will.

Last night I was performing at a local outdoor fundraiser and get-together, that I, and a few had organised to raise money for the RIver of Freedom doco to get into theatres, as well as help get Mary Byrne to Otago for a mini-speaking tour about Fluoride Free NZ. Anyway, at the event last night, I was fortunate to get a few comments on my music, but one person came up and said, " I think if it weren't for the hard-hitting content you had provided over the past few years, I might be jabbed right now. So thank you for what you've done. Your posts have made a difference to not only me, but others I know."

That kind of stuff gets to you. Especially in the recent death of Dr. Rashir Buttar, I can either get mad, or a can do honour to his life, by keeping up with what I can do, and that's getting info out there in word, images and video. That's what you'll be seeing here, especially the content that our mean 'ol government took down at the Wellington Protest. 

About the Book Image: Why am I holding a copy of that on the front lines on that first day of the police pushback on peaceful people on the Parliament grounds in Wellington?
I had recently received it by mail and always had it in my backpack with my battery chargers etc while on the protest grounds. When the police starting their antics. I just decided to weave my way in through to the front line, and address two or three expressionless police at a time, by showing them the book and saying over and over again, as I went down the line, " This book proves that we're not crazy"

At one point, about half-way through my mission down the line, I remember saying, "This book is like the bible for time, please read it!" It was probably the one time when the police and the protesters on our side agreed on something and all looked at me quizzically. A few fellow protesters said something like, "Dude, you should be really saying that." It was one of the few, if only one, light-hearted exchanges we had with the police during the protest. 
That book does prove we are not crazy, and as most readers will know at the time of this writing,  the truth is getting out there, big-time.

There's a saying often attributed to Mark Twain, "A lie can make it half-way around the world before Truth has a chance to put its pants on.
Watch out, we're catching  up!

Keep up the good work.
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Randall, it's so awesome to see you here on Voice Media! Wow yes, when a single man or woman takes the time to let you know that you made a real difference in their life... it makes the effort to speaking your truth and being in honour SO worthwhile - what a beautiful story! Looking forward to hearing more from you regularly!
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Hey Thanks for that Tui! Nice to hear from you.
Great stuff! Welcome aboard the VM free speech community.. Looking forward to more of your material.
Randall Richards Mountain Spirit Media
Many Thanks Mj!
I need to find an "executive assistant to help with the volume of material I want to re-post, not to mention current pieces I'm working on. As in the words of RFK Jr. "I wake up every morning, do the best I can and say to the Creator,"Here I am God, reporting for duty." Ha!